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US 5G Conference Panned Before It Gets Under Way

The Trump Administration will host a conference in about a month on 5G attended by the US President that will include companies such as Samsung.

The conference will consider ways to counter the influence of Chinese telecom Huawei. But analysts are already asking: “What’s the point?” 

“The ship has sailed on this issue; 5G is already being deployed,” said Will Townsend, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. Townsend said any effort to create a 5G rival to Huawei, whether from scratch or through a joint venture, would probably take three to five years and cost tens of billions of dollars in investment.

Companies including Microsoft, Dell and AT&T are trying to develop technology that would reduce the reliance on Huawei equipment. 

But experts say the US isn’t capable of fielding a competitor in a realistic time frame, no matter how badly the government wants it.

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