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Unlike Telstra, Optus Rolls Out A Realistic 5G Program

Unlike Telstra, Optus has taken a realistic approach in rolling out their new 5G network.

Instead of talking up unrealistic speeds similar to what Telstra did Optus has chosen to talk up a guaranteed 50Mps for both a home network and mobile with 5G speeds of up to 164Mbs achievable, in some cases Optus customers could get as high as 400Mbs.

Taking a humble approach Optus CEO Allan Lew said that 2020 and 2021 are the years when Optus will be able to deliver significantly faster 5G network speeds as 5G latency improves and the network can start delivering speeds that will drive innovation in health TV viewing and autonomous vehicle development.

Already more than 140,000 households in Australia are connected to the Optus 5G home network using a Nokia 5G home hub.

The latest Optus service will be available on two Samsung 5 handsets including the Note 10 and the S105G as well as a 5G smartphone from Chinese Company Oppo.

The Singapore owned Company said that testing had seen some users achieve speeds of 400Mps.

Unlike Telstra who are marketing 5G as an add on with customers set to be charged an additional $15 just to get 5G next year Optus insists that 5G is not a value-add for existing customers but a core component of their offering and will be according to Lew “The mainstay of their future network offering”. According to Lew.

At present Optus said that they have 290 5G sites operational across Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and “other key locations” across NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

Regional areas include Geelong and Port  Macquarie in NSW.

“As we continue to grow our 5G network more and more customers can expect to spend more time enjoying our lightning fast 5G service,” Lew says.

Lew also talked up their investment in European Football with the telco set to deliver Ultra HD Video streaming over their 5G network.

Late next year when the 2020 UK Premier League kicks off Optus 5G customers will be able to watch games live3 and the difference in quality is “significant” said Optus executives.

In 2021 as 5G speeds increase Optus customers will be able to get live coverage of Euro 2020 and the 2020/2021 Champions League games these games will also be available on a Fetch TV Mighty box sold by Optus, however, customers must be a subscriber to the Telstra 5G home service.

Lew said, “We expect significant 5G customer growth as our 5G network expands and delivers customers a game-changing, world-leading experience on their 5G home and 5G mobile devices.”

He did not, however, rule out increasing costs above the $70 a month as speeds increase and their network is expanded.

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