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iPhone 6: The Biggest Leak Yet?

iPhone 6: The Biggest Leak Yet?

A photo of the iPhone 6 complete with retail box have set the Internet alight with speculation that the image is the real deal. 

Looking similar to several of the rendered images we’ve all seen of the iPhone 6, it comes complete with the slight fuzziness we expect from leaked images. 

The images were first published by TechRadar which says its source got them from “an Apple beta tester”, but wouldn’t divulge any further information. 

TechRadar says its source is a new one, and that it cannot guarantee the photos are authentic, but after checking “EXIF data, photo manipulation and doing a little background check on our source”, it thinks the photos could be real – but won’t commit 100% because it can’t. 

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Is this the iPhone 6, or is it a fake?

The pictured iPhone 6 looks thin, has the white banding on the sides that previous images have displayed based on leaks of various iPhone parts, and we can see the gold trimming around the chamfered edge of the bezel and around the Touch ID portion of the home button. 

There are no new icons of note on the screen of the iPhone 6 on the box aside from the Compass icon which normally isn’t one of the main icons, and oddly, there no sign of the “Health” app that Apple introduced at its World Wide Developer Conference earlier this year. 

There also appears to be a faint dotted or honeycomb-style pattern to the screen’s wallpaper. 

It’s impossible to tell whether the screen is made of sapphire glass, as is widely expected, and we’re also not sure whether we’re seeing the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, or the 5.5-inch model. 

If an iPhone 6 beta tester has leaked the images as claimed, Apple’s “doubling down” on security hasn’t worked too well, but who knows?

Perhaps Apple has engineered this leak on purpose to help its customers stay the path to wait for the iPhone 6, rather than succumbing to the Android side of the force with an LG G3, a Samsung Galaxy Alpha or mid-range Android models that are more powerful than ever but at prices less than half of what you’ll pay for most iPhones. 

Or, it could simply be a fake iPhone 6 in a faked box, with the Chinese expert at making genuine looking yet entirely fake devices running Android instead of iOS. 

We’ll all know for sure come September 9, which is September 10 for Australians due to time zone differences. 

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The alleged iPhone 6 retail box.

Until then, the waiting game continues, not only for the iPhone’s official launch, but the next audacious leak!