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Turn Your Computer Mouse 8-Bit

Retro-fanatics now have the chance to convert their modern computer mouse into a Nintendo Entertainment System lookalike with the 8BitDo N30.

With the design of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) now 34-years-old, it’s now made its way to your desk peripherals with PCB manufacturer 8BitDo unveiling the N30 2.4g Wireless Mouse for Windows Mac OS for just US$24.99.

Taking inspiration for the classic video game console, the 8BitDo N30 mouse is a retro-themed mouse designed in collaboration with Danial Jansson, taking almost every design element from the classic home entertainment console.

The 8BitDo team has been working on the N30 NES mouse since the beginning of 2009, an extended design process that has ‘paid extra attention’ to the unique features of the original console like the D-Pad and red-action buttons.

According to one 8BitDo representative, the company was just glad someone could finally do the manufacturing.

On the top of the mouse is a left and right button, as well as a 3D touch panel that allows for smooth scrolling.

The side of the mouse features the classic NES Directional Pad for forward and back, and page up/ down.

Powered by a single AA battery the mouse will last between 100 and 120 hours, over the 2.4G wireless connecter.

The N30 2.4g Wireless Mouse represents a new direction for 8BitDo who has made a name for itself building custom controller PCB boards and receivers for old school video game controllers.

Whether or not 8BitDo will continue to construct complete peripherals with a retro aesthetic remains to be seen, but that being said, you have one nostalgic journalist excited about the possibility of an N64 or GameCube styled mouse or keyboard.

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