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Trashable, Recyclable Pods Revealed At CES

In an increasingly eco-aware market space, companies in 2020 are looking to innovation to sell their next product.

Plastic waste fills our oceans – we’ve all seen the confronting photographs of chocked sea creatures, strangled by plastic six pack rings – and our landfills are overflowed.

How do companies sell products that are biodegradable and recyclable to address the issue they have created?

Trashable pods.

(Credit: The Ocean Cleanup/Cover Images)

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week saw a surprising non-electronic debut of the trashable pod that is recyclable.

But the pods have already met criticism – with some editorials stating that creating recyclable plastic pods is just adding to the problem with a new eco-friendly marketing strategy.

The pods were scattered across the CES show floor, ranging from coffee shot, make up pouches, lipstick, lube and hair care.

The products sold in pods were usually bundled into subscription packages – meaning the owners will receive multiple tiny plastic pods.

One company sporting the new trashable pods, for example, is Lancôme Duolab.

It’s a machine that uses an app to ask the owner a series of questions before eventually establishing the appropriate skincare products to ship out to them, in pods.

But Lancôme Duolab said that owners are then encouraged to mail the pods back to be recycled.

Nespresso is another popular global coffee company that also offers the recyclable pods program.

(Photo by Budrul Chukrut / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

The pods can be returned to a boutique store or mail them back to the company – similar to Làncome Duolab’s program – to be recycled.

However, in 2019 Nepresso admitted to the ABC that only 29 per cent of their pods get returned for recycling. But at least they’re making the option available.

Trashable pods are convenient and help consumers feel better about themselves and their impact on the environment – they’re here to stay.

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