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Sony 4K “Leaders”, Unleash 55″+65″ Ultra HDs

Sony get in first on 4K, unveiling 55″ and 65 X-Series 4K Ultra HD TVs on sale in July. 

The Ultra High Def Bravia TVs (3840 x 2160), have four time the res of a Full HD screen. 
The UHD TVs have Wi-Fi, LED backlit and access to Sony Entertainment Network.

There’s no confirmed pricing yet, but a spokesperson confirmed it will be less than the $25,000 Sony is asking for its 84″ 4Ks, saying these new TVs are “aimed at the mass market. “

Both models will come with eight (Sony Pictures) films ‘Mastered in 4K’: Angels & Demons, Battle: Los Angeles, Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid (2010),  The Amazing Spider-Man Spiderman, The Other Guys and Total Recall (2012).


But it’s no good having a 4K TV if the content isn’t delivered in that quality, aside from a few movies. 

The TV maker says X-Series 4Ks upscale all content to “near-4K quality” regardless of the source – broadcast TV, DVD, or internet, via X-Reality PRO technology. 

The Ultra HD sets have front facing home theatre quality 65 Watt speakers and delivers a wider colour palate than LEDs closer to what the eye can see, and bring “the best home cinema experience from the director’s lens straight to your living room,” says its maker.
Sony claims it’s the leader in the 4K race, being the first TV maker to bring 55″ and 65″ 4K Ultra HD TVs to Australia, which “continues Sony’s leadership in the category.” 
The Japanese giant launched the first 84″ 4K Ultra HD TV in Oz last year, followed by LG, while last month Samsung announced an 84″ $20K 4K set. 
But at circa $16,000 a go, these TVs are luxury items, but analysts believe prices of 4K will drop significantly in the future. 

Hass Mahdi, from Sony Australia Home Entertainment division says the UHD TV’s are “amazing.” 

“These amazing TVs are about making 4K resolution a reality for everyday consumers. Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD TVs will make everything you watch look and sound better, regardless of content source – broadcast TV, DVD, Blu-ray, internet, whatever.”

“Sony has long been a pioneer in premium quality TVs.  Today, we continue that tradition by launching our 55″ and 65″ BRAVIA X-Series models – the first 4K Ultra HD TVs available in Australia at that size,” said Mahdi. 

Sony’s Smart TV content includes: ABC iView, SBS, PLUS7 and Ten, video-on-demand services Video Unlimited, Quickflix, Yupp.TV, Crackle, Mubi, Garage Entertainment. 

Music content on the X-Series Bravias include: Music Unlimited, Moshcam, vTuner, Pandora Internet Radio and Yupp TV (Indian programs) are new services added to Sony Smart TV’s content menu.  

Full HD 3D and 4x glasses included.