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Yamaha Debuts AV Receiver With DAB+ Digital Radio

Yamaha Debuts AV Receiver With DAB+ Digital Radio

The newly launched model in the ’75 Series has a number of debut features for Yamaha enthusiasts to get excited about, with the most significant being the introduction of digital radio on the RX-V500D.

This will be the only model in the Japanese company’s series to feature DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital radio, with Yamaha claiming that it is “the first time an AV receiver with digital radio on-board has been widely available in the Australian Market.”

The receiver is capable of CD-quality sound and can communicate additional information such as the station name, song and artist information and even the weather.

“We’re answering the call from a lot of retailers and customers out there who have been keen to see the introduction of digital radio on our receivers,” said Justin d’Offat, Product Manager for Yamaha Music Australia’s AV Division.

“The popularity of digital radio in Australia is unmistakeable and we hope to service this market with the RX-V500D, which represents the first time digital radio has been integrated into an AV receiver in Australia,” he added.

The receiver also sports Smart home functionality with network features including Yamaha’s reputable AV Controller app for iOS and Android, and high resolution 192 kHz/24-bit audio streaming from network sources like computers and NAS devices. 

The RX-V500D will enable users to tune into digital radio (DAB+), internet radio stations from around the world, or stations on the traditional FM band. Due to “the added functionality of digital radio” Pandora Internet radio will not be available on the RX-V500D.

The RX-V500D has a RRP of $799.