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TPG Suffers Nationwide Internet Issues

Customers of TPG and its subsidiary brands are suffering a national outage of internet and voice services.

The problems appeared to begin around 12.30pm AEDT today, impacting our business office and operations additionally.

TPG stated in a brief advisory that the ‘unplanned’ outage is causing ‘NBN, ADSL, TPG FTTB internet and home phone connection difficulties.’

‘Our IT and technical teams are investigating this as a priority.

‘We apologise for the inconvenience and will provide further updates as they become available,’ the company said.

But subsidiary brand iiNet suggested that the root cause of the national outage is a domain name system (DNS) fault.

‘As a workaround, using an alternate publicly available DNS may assist in restoring connectivity to the internet and VOIP for customers,’ iiNet said.

Additionally, users of the Whirlpool broadband forum also reported that changing the DNS setting of their modem was resolving connectivity issues.

This isn’t the time ChannelNews’ office has had issues with TPG, with mid-2019 requiring multiple technician visits to solve the problems.

TPG has failed to provide comment in time of this article’s publication.

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