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Toneoptic Launches New Rotating Storage Unit For Vinyl Records

As vinyl records continue to soar in popularity, one side-effect is the storage space required for collection.

Stacking records is one of the worst things to do as it makes them susceptible to warping, and is harder to find specific titles.

Storing vertically on a shelf is better when it comes to damage protection, but results in less storage space for other collectibles, such as books and DVDs.

Toneoptic has unveiled its new RPM rotating record storage unit, which is expected to help with this. It allows listeners to view their collection via a patented 90-degree rotation.

This unit can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat shelf or table. Either option provides full access to the rotating features.

It has 143 parts that work together and a patent-pending 90-degree revolving design. It’s also made out of powder-coated aluminium, which comes in matte black or gloss white finishes.

Inside the box are 1x Toneoptic RPM mechanism, 3x record side panels, 2x wall bracket mounts (optional), 2x record dividers (for 7, 10, or 12-inch vinyl), 1x bottom felt mat, 2x backside felt protectors, 3x bags of screws (6mm (short), 10mm (medium), 12mm (long)), extra fasteners, and 1x installation manual.

What isn’t included are the correct screws required for the particular surface or wall of the user. These would need to be purchased from a local hardware store separately.

The unit measures in at 17.04-inches x 18.61-inches (19.25-inches with wall brackets) x 15.7-inches (16-inches with records).

When the drawer has been fully extended, the unit measures in at 30.5-inches in depth. It weighs 26.9 lbs (approx. 12.2kg) when empty. A fully loaded unit adds another 50 lbs (approx. 22kg).

Not only is the Toneoptic RPM record storage system a solution for record collectors, it can also work for record sellers.

The Toneoptic RPM is available now from the official Toneoptic website, retailing for A$495 (bottom-mount) or A$571 (wall-mount).

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