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Tivoli Transform Bedside Speaker Into Audio Art

What was once a staple of the bedside table has now been revived by Tivoli Audio with the release of the Revive Bluetooth bedside speaker with an inbuilt wireless charger, transforming the forgotten device into what the company calls ‘Audio Art’.

Described as being ‘so much more than a Bluetooth speaker’ the Tivoli Audio Revive bedside speaker unit will set you back $399 and is currently available for pre-order from their website.

Available in a range of finishes including white, black and a classic wood finish, the furniture grade wood cabinet enclosure of the Tivoli Revive coupled with the Danish made speaker fabric, makes for a premium-looking design.

Tivoli has chosen to omit a physical clock from the Revive design, probably due to the inclusion of the Qi wireless charger, with your smartphone or tablet taking the position of providing the time, music and news that was once provided by the bedside clock.

The Revive promises to produce high-quality audio through a simple and elegant solution with the speaker seemingly taken from the Tivoli Audio’s CUBE audio device.

Unfortunately, unlike the Tivoli Audio CUBE, the Revive is unable to be stereo paired with another speaker.

An LED Lamp has also been added to the design with five levels of brightness, adding the title of bed lamp to its list of bedroom roles.

A revival of the nightstand, the Tivoli Revive pivoting speaker head sits above the main base which holds the Qi wireless charger and a physical button array.

Unfortunately, the pivot motion is restricted to just 30 degrees of rotation (15 degrees left or right), preventing users from positioning the speaker on either side of the bed without having to reposition the entire unit.

A minor nuisance yes, but why not add a little extra rotation for the functionality improvements.

In terms of ports, the Tivoli Revive has a 3.5mm jack for direct audio input and a single 1A USB port at the back for charging another device.

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