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Apple Tipped To Bundle All In One Subscription

Following the launch of Apple TV+ in Australia and around the world, rumours are starting to swell over the possibility that the Californian based company may bundle its paid online services as soon as 2020, sparking concerns with publishers who fear they may miss out on compensation for the service.

Aimed at further growing its subscriber base as iPhone sales continue to decline Apple will bundle together is News+ service, with Apple Music and Apple TV+, according to a report by Bloomberg.

It follows a provision that Apple included deals with publishers that allowed them to bundle the News+ subscription with other paid digital offerings, with some describing it as the “Netflix of News”.

According to concerned publishers, if the bundle subscription option were made available, publishers would receive a fraction of the money due to reduced cost of the streamlined service.

Apple is looking at a long battle to get publishers on board, with one publisher claiming they typically receive less than US$20,000 a month, considerably less than they receive from Texture, now owned by Apple.

It should be noted that publishers share the remaining 50% of the revenue with Apple based on how much time Apple News+ subscribers spend reading the article, though with subscriber numbers remaining hidden, it’s unclear how large the total reader base is or even how long they typically spend per article.

Fortunately, Apple does have one support with Norm Pearlstine, the executive editor of the Los Angeles Times saying that the financial results from its deal with Apple News+ have been ‘consistent with [their] expectations’.

Whether or not this consistency will remain if Apple does launch an all-in-one subscription is yet to be seen.

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