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Tivoli Audio Australia Lands, New Products & Lower Prices

‘Tivoli Audio Australia’ has officially landed and is now fully operational, a move which has enabled it to reduce previous RRP prices by 22% – 33%.

Alongside price reductions, Tivoli Audio will also be re-introducing “every model and all colour options” to provide Australian customers a full and wide product offering.

In addition, yesterday Tivoli Audio announced the Australian availability of its new product line ART by Tivoli Audio which offers WiFi & Bluetooth enabled speakers which are “effortlessly a unique mix of style and sound”.

VP of Product Design, and the collection’s designer, Paul De Pasquale says:
“Tivoli Audio has always been known for its attention to beautiful designs, details, and audiophile-worthy products at affordable prices”.

“We wanted to take this philosophy one step further and really blur the lines between home audio and design, creating Audio ART, which complements one’s home décor and lifestyle through music.”

Tivoli Australia also launched the Model One Digital yesterday, which brings “the quintessential tabletop radio into the age of the modern smart home”.

Having first introduced the original Model One Radio in 2000, now 17 years later, Tivoli Audio has re-vamped and introduced a product which it believes will “keep it on the cutting-edge of audio technology for years to come”.

Tivoli Audio says a dedicated model “made specifically for Australia” will arrive later in the year, based on its knowledge of how important AM radio still remains in regional and country Australia.

Tivoli Audio will be sold through its own website and through an authorised retailer network, which is currently expanding and receiving stock in the coming weeks.

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