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Optus To Refund Customers For Slow NBN

Optus said it plans to reimburse customers who are not able to receive the NBN speeds they signed up for.

Following Telstra’s admission in May that it would offer refunds to almost 8,000 of its NBN customers that had been sold unattainable speeds, Optus will now be following suit for some of its customers.

“Optus is undertaking a similar process in respect of those customers where it has been confirmed that the underlying NBN service cannot deliver the speed they signed up for,” an Optus spokesman told news.com.au.

The telco did not disclose how many of its 279,000 NBN customers were affected or how they will be reimbursed.

“This is an underlying NBN copper access issue specifically for FTTN (fibre-to-the-node) and FTTB (fibre-to-the-basement) services and affects all RSPs [retail service providers],” the Optus spokesman said.

Yesterday, the ACCC released voluntary guidance that suggests NBN retailers should disclose typical minimum speeds during peak periods in their advertising rather than the current trend of promoting the maximum off-peak speeds.

“Around 30 per cent of NBN customers have been sold low-speed plans, with many not realising their internet speeds may not be any better—and in some cases worse—than existing ADSL services,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said.

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