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Titleist Brings Tech To The Fore On The Golf Course

With Nike, adidas and Under Armour bringing technology to clothing, we’re finding the term “Technologically advanced” slipping into new fields every day. Now golf clubs are having their turn.

After 20 years using the same clubs, it was time to try the future of golfing. In the past, I played with Wilson clubs, but I decided to step into the world of graphite clubs for something lighter while also being kind on the body.

The first I tried was the Titleist T300 7 iron. The ball flew up the range. I got high launch, long distance and forgiveness on my frame.

It was light, as it has an abundance of tungsten – 100g on average, situated in the head, lowering the centre of gravity for a higher launch.

I found this more so in the long irons. There’s another big plus in the irons coming with mishit protection on the heel and toe strikes.

Switching to the Titleist TSI Driver, my first shot was 280m and a slight fade. My second and third shots were nowhere as good, which is par for course.
This is where the technology kicks in. The new Titleist titanium driver features multi-dimension stability for a tighter spin range between shots hit on an off the centre of percussion.

Improved aerodynamics help clubhead speed, and carefully positioned weights optimise launch conditions.

The drivers come in two models – the TSi2 for maximum distance, and the TSi3 for added control and weight CG manipulation via the SureFit CG track adjustability bar.

The TSi3 hybrids are distinctly different in looks, adjustability and performance from the TSi2.

Designed with a compact, squarer toe and very little face progression, the fast-launching TSi3 hybrids feature a similar SureFit CG Track Technology system as the new TSi3 fairway metals, allowing the ability to manipulate adjustability towards the toe or heel.


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