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Tim Cook Reaffirms Apple’s China Ties During Beijing Forum

Despite increasing tensions between the US and China, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has told attendees of a conference in Beijing that it considers China a key partner.

Cook made the remarks during a forum on education and technology at the China Development Forum, highlighting the fact that “Apple and China have grown together”.

“This has been a symbiotic kind of relationship that I think we both enjoyed,” Cook said.

Cook also met with Chinese government officials during his trip, and even checked out an Apple store in Beijing.

Apple has recent been forced to move some of its manufacturing out of China and into India, following political tensions and lockdown-driven shutdowns at its key iPhone factories. The slowdowns resulted in the delay of last year’s MacBook Air and lowered production numbers of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Mainland China is also a key market for Apple, with the country making up one-fifth of Apple’s global sales.

Last financial year, the company pulled in over A$110 million in sales in China alone, so it’s clearly in Tim Cook’s best interests to shore up these relationships, as the overall one between US and China continues to fray.

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