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Tibco Eyes Aussie Retail Market

Big US-based analytics company Tibco, which already has a major presence in Australia via services to big miners, energy producers and a huge project at Melbourne Airport, is looking to bring its expertise to new fields, A/NZ regional veep Daniel Churches and Asia-Pacific CTO Robert Merlicek told a media lunch in Sydney yesterday.

Retail, for instance: with Amazon threatening to disrupt the Down Under market, existing retailers, including Coles and Woolies, will need all the help they can get to understand what is happening and how they can maintain and perhaps expand their share of the action, they said.

Churches noted that the retailers could learn from Tibco’s huge cloud-based project at Melbourne Airport, which has seen analytics systems interconnecting everything from different systems, allowing operators, planners, managers, doorkeepers and others supplied with real-time information to enable collaborative decisions.

If a gate or a fire-door is left ajar, if a waiting passenger collapses, if a barrier is broken, or a trolley goes missing, the system is instantly aware and the responsible parties alerted, Merlicek said. That same kind of knowledge can be brought to the new-style retailing Amazon is about to bring Down Under, he implied.

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