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The Winner Is, Experts Pick World’s Best 4K TV

Who has the best 4K TV, according to New York based Value Electronics, who run one of the most watched shootouts by TV reviewers it’s Quantum Dot OLED that comes out on top and that bodes well for both Sony and Samsung?

Value Electronics shootout of the world’s most premium TVs is a highly anticipated event on the AV tech calendar.

In the end it became a battle between new Quantum Dot OLED screens Vs LG’s OLED.

In the end the winner was Sony’s QD OLED Sony 65A95K which scored a huge 9.3 score, coming in second with a score of 8.3 was Samsung’s S95B which was recently launched in Australia, this was followed by LG’s G2 with just 6.7 due to a reported issue with over-bright red sub-pixels.

The shootout which takes place over two days consists of one day reviewing 4K TV’s and one day reviewing 8K models.

Hosted at Value Electronics on Madison Avenue in New York, the event is hosted by Caleb Denison of Digital Trends and judged by a panel of Hollywood video colourists, film finishers, TV reviewers and video scientists.

Among the criteria’s looked at are contrast, brightness, colour fidelity, colour saturation and motion resolution, with test material combining test signals developed by the AV experts at Spears & Munsil and real-world content.

The sets assembled for the 4K shootout were LG’s G2 Gallery OLED TV, Samsung’s QN95B MiniLED TV, Samsung’s S95B Quantum Dot OLED TV, Sony’s XR-A95K QD OLED TV, and Sony’s X95K MiniLED.