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The Third-Gen Google Nest Hub To Have Detachable Tablet

Google nest hub gen 2

Google are reported to be developing a new model of their Nest Hub, featuring a detachable tablet. A report 9to5Google claims that they have news that the tech giant are looking to make the display detachable for the next version.

Currently the Google Nest Hub Gen 2 is a display mounted on top of a speaker base and cannot be removed.

Google marketed the Nest Hub Gen 2 as a “bedside companion” that tracked sleep patterns and had other health related functions. The change to a removeable screen changes the devices position in the market and the way its interacted with.

Google have been upping the interface elements of the current Nest Hub of late, which indicates a move in how they believe the device should be interacted with. The device can be used to control the smart devices in your home via touch controls rather than just voice commands.

In a similar layout to a tablet, the nest hub screen has rows of applications that can be clicked on and interacted with; however they are just shortcuts to web views, meaning the new model is highly unlikely to replace your iPad.

With these changes being implemented and the angle of how Google market their device, they have to be careful not too accidentally take away functionality.

The Nest Hub’s sleep tracking feature is based around a Soli sensor that needs to remain in place. Moving the device around would affect calibration and the sleep tracking feature. Google must either have a solution for this or have decided to move in a different direction.

The third generation Nest Hub seems to be following the trend of the announced yet never released Samsung Home Hub, with a tablet that focuses on home control.

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