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The Good Guys Plug Into New Information Initiative

4 Square Media, the publishers of ChannelNews and SmartHouse, are set to partner with The Good Guys, to launch a brand new interactive digital magazine called ‘Plug’.

The publication will focus on educating consumers about what they can do with products purchased from the mass retailer, and will be able to download from The Good Guys website, and distributed to over 2,000,000 consumers.

“We believe a lot of consumers are not getting the best out of the products they buy, and we intend to educate them on what they can do using products purchased at The Good Guys” said 4SQM Editorial Director David Richards.

“We know that garlic is good for your health, but what we want to do is show consumers what tools are needed and how to create great garlic meals – from a caramelised garlic tart with an almond flour base, to chicken and lamb dishes – before they put it in an oven or microwave to cook”.

“We will also show them what tools are needed, from the prep stage to the cooking stage”.

“Working with Companies like DKSH who have a vast range of products from premium knives, glassware, to kitchen cooking tools we will identify the accessories that consumers need to create dishes, prior to putting them in an oven or microwave”.

“In the cleaning space we will look at who has the best sucking power and battery life when it comes to stick vacs – is it Dyson, Samsung or LG? – to educating consumers how to get a return on investment using a new generation of laundry products that can be monitored remotely.” said Richards.

“Right now, consumers are struggling to work out what is best for them, while at the same time they are having to embrace new technology such as voice activation and the integration of artificial intelligence into appliance and entertainment products”.

The new publication, which will appear in April, will be fully interactive. It will integrate video and a direct link to The Good Guys website.

“This allows consumers to watch educational tutorials or glean additional information about a product” said Richards.

The publication will also go live on Virgin Australia and be available for Qantas customers too.

4Square Media is working directly with Robert Ambler Frazer, the Marketing Director of The Good Guys, to deliver this publication which will be published four times a year.

Topics set to be featured include; Cooking, Personal Care, Cleaning, Entertainment and Heating and Cooling.


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