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The Biggest Problem With The Apple Watch Series 6

The sixth iteration of the Apple Watch is packed with a slew of killer features and a promise it will be 20 per cent faster than the Series 5.

But there is a glaring error Apple has failed to fix with the Series 6 operating system which has frustrated users since the first smartwatch was released.

Reviewers have given the watch a glowing appraisal, except for issues organising music and podcasts on the watch face.

Many users rely on the Apple Watch as a second screen that should have the same capabilities and ease of navigation as their iPhone, particularly when leaving the phone at home while using the watch on a run or workout.

Some users have had problems downloading podcasts via the watch, with the app working only half the time, and deleting podcasts also remains an issue.

And when it comes to playing music directly off the Series 6, users can only select whole albums or playlists, and not a single song.

Apple could very well address these minor issues with a new watchOS update, but it is challenging for new customers playing around with the device – which costs between $599 and $1,269all the same.

Another small problem plaguing Series 6 customers is the issue with the return policy regarding ill-fitting wrist loops.

Some users have noted they have been forced to return the whole device if it does not fit comfortably, rather than simply replacing the band.

Apple aficionados looking to upgrade their Series 5 will however be pleased with the improvements to battery life, brighter screen resolution and faster charging, as well as the new addition of measuring blood oxygen levels.

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