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The Arc Browser Now Available For Download

Mac and iOS browser Arc has been in the testing stage for over two years, with interested users having to join a waitlist.

But now, it’s finally been launched, and users can go to arc.net to get the browser!

The Browser Company had a plan to build “the operating system for the internet,” and so Arc can not only be used to search webpages, but to take notes, make visual and collaborative easels, redesign webpages to the user’s liking, and so much more.

Arc 1.0 doesn’t appear to come with any fancy new features, with the company seemingly just ready to launch the browser widely.

So far, the Arc iOS app feels more like a companion app than a full browser, and there is still no version available for Windows, however it’s been stated this will be coming this year.

The Browser Company are also thinking on how to integrate AI, spending the last few months focused on reigning in some performance issues.

Its way of thinking about tabs and bookmarks differs majorly from Chrome and Safari, with the structure and aesthetic taking some getting used to, but it has intrigued many tech/design enthusiasts lately.

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