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Smartphones Could Be Gaining New Emojis

It appears smartphones may be getting new gender-neutral figures, a citrus fruit, and a mythical creature among others added to the emoji list.

Unicode, known for creating the emojis, has come up with “four new gender-neutral family emojis intended to be represented via silhouettes” hoping to have them ready for the 15.1 update.

Other additions expected are: a slice of lime, a broken chain, a mythical phoenix, a disembodied head shaking horizontally, and one shaking vertically, and a mushroom.

New icons are also gaining mock-ups, giving users a taste of what’s to come.

“Based on recent years, the final version is likely to mirror this draft list.”

This new batch has been said to focus on motion-directed figures, “all versions of pre-existing people emojis.”

“The Emoji 15.1 candidate list also contains directional versions of six different types of person emojis (for a total of 108 new emojis when you include skin tone modifier and gender variants).”

“Additionally, Apple and other vendors may opt for unique designs for each of the new direction-specifying people emojis, instead of simply inverting their existing designs.”

Recently emojis sparked confusion online, as well as having their meaning debated, with Gen Z warring over an attempt to cancel the thumbs up emoji, as it’s apparently “boomer-relegated.”

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