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Telstra Urges Gov To Bring 5G Auction Forward

Telstra Chief Executive, Andrew Penn, is urging the Australian Federal Government to move up the planned auction of 5G spectrum – claiming it’s amidst discussions to fast-track procedures.

The 5G spectrum auction is scheduled for October this year.

According to The Australian, Penn affirms the auction needs to take place “as early as possible”, in order to launch 5G by next year.

“What’s most important is that the first round of spectrum comes to the market as early as possible”

“It’s already been brought forward from 2019 and we have been having discussions to encourage how it can be brought forward”

“The spectrum is obviously pretty important in the overall value equation of the distribution of mobile technology. You have the towers and then you have the spectrum and this upcoming auction will be very important”.

Many market commentators speculate 5G could be a major threat the NBN. Telcos could cut their NBN wholesale access volumes, whilst some users may be able to access comparatively faster speeds.

Concerning market competitiveness, in the battle of 5G Telstra will likely compete against Vodafone, Optus, TPG Telecom and the government-backed NBN Co.

Speaking of its rivals’ abilities, Mr Penn questions the speed to which others can roll out, citing high initial costs.

He affirms Telstra’s significant resources – both monetary and otherwise – will give the telco a comparative advantage.


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