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Telstra Trials High-Spectrum 5G

SYDNEY: Telstra has begun trialling faster millimetre-wave 5G mobile phone technology. The technology, which could be eight times faster than 4G, is being trialled in sites at Parramatta, NSW, and on the Gold Coast, according to a Guardian report.

 The trials come as Telstra pushes its 5G network into more than 700 towns across the nation.

 The higher-end spectrum is said to allow faster data transfer rates, with lower latency.

 The higher-spectrum trials are being conducted in conjunction with Ericsson, one of the companies tapped for Australia’s 5G rollout.

 The company earlier this year reported speeds of up to 4.3 gigabits per second in its lab test – equivalent to downloading one hour of 4K video in just 14 seconds.

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