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Telstra Selling 5G Gear From Banned Chinese Company

Telstra who often bang on about security and how good their networks are, appear to have no qualms jumping into bed with banned network gear manufacturer ZTE, a high risk Chinese 5G technology Company, when it comes to making a quick buck.

Currently Huawei and ZTE are banned from providing 5G gear and services to carriers in Australia and the USA because they are seen as a security threat, but at Telstra this appears to not apply to their questionable 5G mmWave technology products.

This week the US Federal administration is set to introduce new regulations that ban the United States government from working with Chinese Company ZTE, but this has not stopped Telstra from pushing the questionable Companies 5G products into their customers’ homes and businesses via a new 5G Wi-Fi Pro device that is designed and manufactured by the Chinese Company.

The $24.95 a month ZTE device, which is marketed by Telstra, operates on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands with support for up to 30 tethered devices which some observers claim the device is a major security risk.

Telstra is also selling ZTE manufactured handsets that are branded Telstra smartphones after stopping the sale when questions were raised about the operations of ZTE.

The United States Department of Defence halted the sale of all smartphones, routers, modems, and other hardware that contains any equipment manufactured ZTE.

The order affected all US military bases and covers both the initial hardware and adjacent products such as the device being sold and recommended by Telstra.

These devices may pose an unacceptable risk to the department’s personnel, and mission, Pentagon spokesperson Major Dave Eastburn told Reuters.

President Trump’s planned action against ZTE, Huawei and apps such as Tik Tok is all part of an efforts to tighten U.S. security amid concerns over Chinese data sharing and the passing on of information gleaned from Chinese products attached to the Internet.

The administration recently ordered the U.S. to stop buying equipment from Chinese telecom providers Huawei and ZTE and this ban is now moving to apps with speculation mounting that the popular WeChat app which is basically controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and is popular in Australia with Chinese nationals is also set to be banned.

In July, the FCC formally designated ZTE as a national security threats, citing a “weight of evidence” that the companies could “cooperate with the country’s intelligence services” to harm U.S. communications.

The Australian Government also has concerns about ZTE And Huawei with both banned from being a supplier to Government, but this has not stopped Telstra from offering ZTE products to consumers.

“Based on the overwhelming weight of evidence, the (FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security) Bureau has designated ZTE as national security risks to America’s communications networks—and to our 5G future,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement recently.

The latest ZTE ban was first introduced as a provision in the 2019 National Defence Authorisation Act that prevents government agencies from signing contracts with companies that use equipment, services and systems from ZTE and Huawei, or any of their subsidiaries and affiliates, citing national security concerns.

Contractors were given until August 13, 2020 to comply with the ruling.

Telstra has not commented for this story.

The United Kingdom is also considering a similar ban on ZTE in its 5G network.

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