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Telstra Opens Data Centres For Use By Other Telcos

Telstra has opened two data centres which will be carrier-neutral, aiming at customers who don’t wish to have Telstra as their carrier of choice.

This marks the first time Telstra InfraCo data centres will service anyone outside Telstra’s own network.

The company plans to extend to seven national data centres aimed at third-party/competitor carriers, based on the demand for the initial two.

As telco carrier competition heats up, this seems like Telstra’s canny move to control the infrastructural demands of these companies, taking a slice of the pie while they are at it.

“InfraCo data centres provide highly secure, reliable, and flexible environments for network operators and service providers, such as global carriers, internet service providers and over the top providers, to connect out to their business locations, facilities and other data centre operators,” Telstra InfraCo exchanges and infrastructure executive Rachel Johnson-Kelly said.

“These data centres provide 100 per cent power availability targets, which are backed by service levels and rebates. They use dual grid feeds with state-of-the-art equipment and support for high power densities, allowing customers to scale on request, without the need to re-configure powering requirements to deliver big data analytic services and peak workloads.

“They also offer facilities access to powered racks with cooling and monitoring, 24×7 building security and a range of professional services including installation, equipment maintenance and operations.”


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