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Telstra NBN, ADSL Disruption: “Complexity” Of Issue Took Time To Identify

Telstra NBN, ADSL Disruption: “Complexity” Of Issue Took Time To Identify

Telstra has today provided further information on its NBN and ADSL service disruption, with Telstra chief operations officer Kate McKenzie advising that “complexity of the issue meant it took some time to identify”.

Telstra customers took to social media on May 19 to complain about lack of internet access, with the telco having advised that it was working to restore services.

On May 20, Telstra stated via a tweet that: “All NBN voice and data services and ADSL services affected today were restored earlier this evening.”

Telstra also subsequently tweeted on May 20 that: “We’re aware a small number of NBN & ADSL customers are still having residual service difficulties.”

Customers are still taking to Twitter and Facebook today to complain about lack of service.

“In this case, the complexity of the issue meant it took some time to identify and it impacted customers in different ways at different times, depending on the type of modem that individual customers had and the environment that it was operating in,” McKenzie wrote via a blog post today.

“This made the fix on this occasion longer and more difficult.

“In simple terms, there was a fault with the device that manages the interaction between our network and all of the different types of customer modems. It commenced late on Thursday night and was restored from a network perspective on Friday afternoon.”

MzKenzie wrote that once Telstra identified the issue, it was “able to isolate the problematic device and start restoring individual services”.

“This addressed the underlying issue for most customers automatically, however subsequently we discovered that some customers’ modems continued to experience a connection issue,” MzKenzie wrote.

“We advised these customers to restart the modem, which has fixed the vast majority of the remaining connection issues.”

Telstra has suffered a number of network outages this year, having held two free data days following outages, the most recent of which was at the beginning of April.

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