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Telstra Loses Ground In Regional NBN Rollout

Telstra is progressively losing ground to its competitors on the NBN network in regional areas according to data released by the ACCC.

The fifth quarterly NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report from the ACCC indicates that NBN Co was supplying a total of 2.07 million broadband wholesale access services as of March 31, an increase of 365,853 from the previous quarter.

Almost 1.2 million wholesale access services are located in regional areas, compared to 733,880 in areas designated metro and outer metro.

“The NBN rollout to date has largely been in regional areas. Competitors to Telstra are supplying 46% of services in the regions compared with traditional market shares for broadband services where Telstra often had well over 60% market share,” said ACCC Chairman Rod Sims.

Sims also said that the 25/5 Mbps NBN speed tier remained the most popular, making up 55% of the total services acquired.

Services using hybrid fibre-coaxial technology increased significantly during the period, up from 14,551 in the previous quarter to 63,475.

NBN’s contracted Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) capacity, which provides “a metric of total NBN Access Seeker provisioning across the NBN in order to meet end-user demand” according to the ACCC, increased by 20% from the previous quarter to 2,149 gigabits per second.

The ACCC notes that the data contained in the report relates to the number of wholesale access services acquired by NBN access seekers. They may supply a retail service themselves or supply a wholesale service to another retail service provider, which is not distinguished in the report.

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