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Telstra & Lexus Testing Connected Cars

A $9 million grant from Victoria’s Traffic Accident Commission will fund a two-year trial of connected cars on Melbourne roads.

Specially fitted Lexus RX450h test vehicles will communicate with one another over the Telstra 4G network to warn of potential crashes by detecting changes in traffic and driver behaviour, including vehicles running red lights and slow or stopped cars.

The systems will not intervene in the control of the car with the sensors designed to communicate with other vehicles and act as an early warning system for drivers.

The trial vehicles communicate with a latency of around 40 milliseconds, but future vehicles should be able to share information quicker if 5G networks meet the expectations of their rollout.

Victorian roads minister Jaala Pulford said the trial was just the beginning.

“This connected vehicle technology will be critical in making roads safer across Australia,” she said, according to the Australian

The trial will run in controlled conditions on roads in Melbourne and highways near Geelong.

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