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Telstra Failure, Spoils Xmas For Tens Of Thousands

Telstra the Company that has spent the last six months banging on about 5G and high-speed services has again delivered a miserable Xmas for thousands of their customers and they have even tried blaming the NBN for the problem.

One Telstra customer tweeted “All I want for Xmas is a reliable connection.”

Telstra claims that a National Broadband Network outage was the cause of the problems that saw tens of thousands of their NBN-connected households in Victoria and Tasmania lose Inter\net coverage on Monday and into Christmas Day on Tuesday.

This is not the first time that Telstra has spoilt Xmas for Australian households. Two years ago, I went 12 days without a broadband service in Mosman.

The ABC recently reported that for 11 days this month the town of Batchelor was left stranded without internet services with businesses reporting thousands of dollars in losses.

Some residents in the town just 100km from Darwin, population around 500, were considering launching a class action against the telecommunications giant, whose equipment failure was responsible for the outage which also knocked out mobile coverage and landline services for days.


Global internet measurement company Ookla’s Down Detector said that Telstra customers in three reported problems including NBN-connected landlines not working during the outage.

Ellie CK tweeted ‘Either Santa accidentally unplugged the NBN in the western suburbs or @Telstra picked a terrible time for an outage!’

Sazzified @sazzified1 tweeted “Well done Telstra. Xmas eve all the kids at my house and no internet. Website says there are outages which will be restored by 28/12.

All I want for Xmas is a reliable connection.

Telstra who is desperately spruiking 5G is set to use the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas in January to hold a press conference in an effort to kick off the year.

The move is designed to hide the fact that Telstra is struggling to grow after laying off 8,000 staff, Telstra management is also still trying to find new markets as smartphone sales fall and their customers move to new providers due to constant network fasilures.

Gabe P.B. @mr_poohbear wrote ‘Hey @Telstra, you Christmas Scrooge. Top $ cable internet down for 6 hours & counting, at probably the worst time of year for an outage, with no fix in sight. The kicker is that the blame is on the nbn network… which we’re not migrated to yet. Incredibly pissed off. #autech.

An NBN Co spokeswoman said there was a “small outage on Christmas Day” impacting NSW and Victorian users. The outage appears to be separate from that affecting Telstra customers.

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