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Telstra Customers Facing Another 3G/4G Outage

UPDATED: NSW Police have posted a statement saying Triple Zero lines could be hit by the outage.

A spokesperson says, “The advice we have received indicates Telstra customer mobile phone calls to Triple Zero (000) should automatically be connected via another carrier; however, if you are experiencing problems use a landline.”

Telstra customers are suffering through another mobile phone outage over its 3G and 4G network which is affecting nearly every major city in Australia.

The issue was first spotted a couple of hours ago with a number of Twitter users expressing their angst.

This outage is also hitting Telstra financially with its shares diving 1.6 per cent to a new seven year low of $2.80.

Some Telstra users are even experiencing an issue on the network’s outage page.

Earlier this month Telstra’s 4G network crashed then a week later an lightning strike caused the triple-zero line to go offline. Telstra has also been fighting with the NBN over outages both pointing the finger at each other over two separate issues happening a couple of weeks ago.

However, some customers are making light of the situation.

Telstra has said on its website the issue is under investigation.

More to come.

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