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Telstra Blow, Qualcomm Supports W6 Mimo Wireless Technology For The Home

In what could be a major blow to Telstra, leading smartphone processor maker Qualcomm has thrown their support behind Wi Fi and the new Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Telstra who are still calling for the NBN to cut their wholesale rates while also spruiking their struggling 5G network is just one of the carriers who are being told by Qualcomm that they need to jump on new technology coming to Wi-Fi or risk losing the chance to exploit the flood of data being created by their customers.

Qualcomm is currently rolling out new processors that will enable Wi-Fi 6 connections in new wireless networking gear for homes and businesses.

The technology allows more connections simultaneously and access to a broader range of radio frequencies, which enables faster data transmission.

Telstra has been trying to claim that 5G is the future of home connectivity via the use of 5G hubs and smartphones running on their network as opposed to an NBN network that can deliver Wi Fi 6 connectivity.

The US Company who is a leader in the development of 5G processors claims that mesh networks, groups of small access points that relay signals and increase coverage, are the key to the improved technology.

According to Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon Qualcomm is trying to expand its customer list at a time when the electronics industry is arguing there will be an explosion of connected devices on new 5G mobile networks that Telstra is currently spruiking.

To prove its point, the chipmaker claims that the number of connected devices per household has doubled every two years since 2012 and will average 24 by 2020. In addition, there will be 4 billion connected devices in the workplace by 2022.

The Company that recently settled a major fall out with Apple claims that carriers need to embrace the transition if Wi-Fi is to continue as the home and office technology that supports cellular by handling traffic indoors.

They’ll also need to shift from providing their customers with only basic modems to investing more in the new W6 mesh network technology, Amon said.

‘’We expect to see a change in the carrier view to Wi-Fi first,” he said Tuesday an event in San Francisco.

If carriers such as Telstra don’t offer the latest gear to their subscribers, major cloud companies such as Amazon.com Inc. will step in, offering products to users and taking advantage of their positions as managers of the connected devices and the flood of data they create, Amon said.

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