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Telstra, AWS Team Up To Boost Cloud Services In Oz

Telstra is joining forces with Amazon Web Services to collaborate on new edge computing solutions which it says will bring cloud services closer to Australian customers, and boost speed and flexibility.

AWS and Telstra will work to integrate AWS edge computing technology with Telstra’s multi-access network, including 5G, to reduce latency created by multiple “hops” to the internet; according to the telco, this would benefit industries such as media and entertainment, gaming, manufacturing, and healthcare.

David Burns, Telstra.

Telstra Enterprise Group Executive David Burns said the partnership could help Australians make better use of smart home and Internet of things devices, as well as smart vehicles, and augmented and virtual reality.

“We want to help Australian businesses benefit from ultra-fast response times and enhanced resilience that comes with embedding AWS edge computing solutions at the edge of Telstra’s multi-access network.

“For example, by bringing our customers and their mission critical applications closer together via our 5G network collaboration, regardless of work location, Australian businesses can transform the way they operate and serve their customers,” he said.

According to Adam Beavis, managing director for AWS in Australia and New Zealand, the partnership will make new 5G networks more responsive.

“With AWS edge computing solutions, Telstra can build and deploy applications even closer to its customers, and deliver more seamless user experiences in such areas as industrial robotic and drone automation, connected vehicles, ML-assisted healthcare, and immersive entertainment,” he said.

Telstra and AWS will also launch a Centre of Excellence to assist organisations looking to harness new cloud technologies.

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