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Tell Friends To ‘Shut Up’ With Instagram’s New Quiet Mode

Instagram has introduced Quiet Mode to encourage “healthy boundaries”, one of a slate of new features available today for Australian users.

When a user enables Quiet Mode, they will see an “in quiet mode” status on their profile, and Quiet Mode will mute notifications and send an auto-reply in response to DMs from friends and followers.

The feature will also “proactively prompt teens to turn on Quiet Mode when they spend a certain amount of time on Instagram at night.”

In addition, users can now hide multiple pieces of content in “Explore” at once, right from the Explore page, without needing to click into each post individually.

The Hidden Words tool, which protects users from scammy DM requests and comments, has been updated for users can hide posts with certain words, emojis, or hashtags in the caption.

Finally, parental controls have been tightened further, with parents now be able to view their teen’s Instagram account settings, including privacy and content defaults and controls.

They will also receive a notification if their teen updates a setting or any accounts their teen has chosen to block, “to help parents and teens chat about these changes together about these changes,” according to Instagram.


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