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Telcos Pass On NBN Price Cut, TPG First Out

Local telcos have begun passing on NBN price cuts to their customers, with TPG the first to offer its new pricing model.

The majority of Aussie telcos are now offering higher speed plans at cheaper prices.

The news comes after the NBN Co agreed to reduce the wholesale cost of its 50 Mbps plans in December, following mounting complaints about broadband speeds.

The NBN’s price cut is intended to encourage Australian consumers to opt for higher speed plans. At current, recent reports reveal that the majority of Aussies are connected to NBN plans of 25 Mbps or lower.

As a result, many telcos are now offering 50 Mbps plans at similar prices as the former 25 Mbps plans.

TPG (inclusive of iiNet and Internode) was reportedly the first Aussie telco to offer its new pricing promotion. The telco has decreased its 50 Mbps plan to the cost of its 25 Mbps plan, and has nixed the lower speed plan entirely.

Optus is offering a free six months on its $80 plan, which gives customers 50 Mbps.

Telstra has included 50 Mbps into its $80 plus home broadband bundle.

Amaysim affirms it is adding a 50 Mbps plan in “early 2018”.

The NBN Co has flagged that the budget-friendly 12 Mbps plan was only intended to be voice-only, and will be flagging this in its pricing review.

New bundle deals are reportedly still being negotiated between the NBN Co and providers.

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