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CES 2018: AKG Expands On-The-Go Series With $1,000 Earphones

AKG is expanding its Studio on-the-go series with high-end earphones, the AKG N5005 which the company says is engineered with four exchangeable sound filters to enable customised sound, allowing for fine-tuning their listening atmosphere according to personal taste.

These earphones are priced at a US$999.99 so when they hit the Aussie market expect the price to be over the 1K mark. The earphones are scratch resistant and come with a Bluetooth dongle outfitted with a 3-button remote and microphone for phone calls. The earphones are designed to last 8 hours.

AKG says the N5005 flaunts its acoustic expertise by delivering pure studio quality sound. Based on research with Audio Engineering Society, AKG found that a targeted sound curve and frequency response is linked directly to optimal sound quality and listener preference.

The earphones are certified for Hi-Res Audio by the Japan Audio Society, the N5005 is enhanced with AKG-patented sound filters technology. The Hi-Res Audio Support means the user can enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher-than-CD quality resolution.

Jessica Garvey, Vice President, Headphones and Wearables, Lifestyle Audio Division at HARMAN says, “The AKG N5005 embodies AKG’s legendary studio sound and stunning design for today’s sophisticated listeners and audiophiles. Excellence is in the details with this headphone, as it’s able to reproduce the same audio quality artists and sound engineers achieve in the recording studio, while conveniently connecting users to the music source of their choice.”

AKG says the hybrid of One Dynamic and Quad BA Drivers create a perfectly balanced 5-way in-ear earphone with ultra-low distortion, accurate mids and crystal-clear highs. Users have the option to increase bass, linear sound and boost a song’s highs according to their personal preference.

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