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Technology Caught In The Middle Of Trump’s China Trade War TV’s Escape

Hundreds of IT products have been caught up in the US trade war with China.

The Trump Administration is moving forward with its plans to implement tariffs on Chinese goods imported by the US and has published a list of products totalling US$34 billion that will be subjected to a 25 percent charge.

Another $16 billion worth of goods could be added to the list later.

The first-tier list includes products used in the computing and telecommunications industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, printing tools, and shielded optical wireless cables – but not flat-panel television sets.

The second-tier list includes more semiconductor and telecoms devices, such as integrated circuits for use in processors, memory, and amplifiers along with low-voltage insulated electric conductors.

Also in the Administration’s sights is the “Made in China 2025” plan, aimed at making China more competitive in key technologies such as robotics and semiconductors.

The lists aren’t set in stone and are subject to a review by the US Trade Representative.

The Trump Administration said the tariffs are a response to what it sees as unfair trade policies and intellectual property theft by the Chinese Government.

The White House believes the Beijing Government is aggressively working to undermine US innovation and technologies, which trade officials regard as America’s greatest economic assets.

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