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Tech Glasses Delivers Big Improvement For Skiers

There is one think about skiing that is critical and that is being able to see, now lenses maker, Oakley believes that it has the tech answer to delivering superior visibility on a mountain.

Right round the world ski conditions are different due in part to different weather conditions, for example I was recently skiing in Nisiko in Japan, it snowed every day, and, on the mountain, you were constantly in powder snow and having to put up with limited visibility.

As a result, certain gear comes to the forefront which in Japan is great ski goggles and a good pair of wide flexible ski’s.

Oakley is best known for its lens technologies, and they happen to own more than 800 patents.

At the winter Olympics in South Korea several competitors can be seen wearing goggles featuring the Companies Prizm lens technology.

The Oakley Harmony Fade Collection is a revolutionary lens technology, that enhances details for an optimized viewing experience.

According to Oakley everything appears vivid and vibrant, revealing nuances usually missed by the naked eye, including those pesky moguls or large mounds of wind swept powder snow.

Their Prizm lens technology dramatically enhances contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions and was engineered to offer this versatility and reduce the need to switch lenses as lighting conditions change the Company claims.

A spokesperson for the Company said that ‘If you watched the Men’s Halfpipe final at the Winter Olympics, you saw how half of the pipe was in sun and the other in shade, a perfect example of the conditions athletes need to adjust to’

An example of the enhanced visibility can be seen below:

The Harmony Fade collection of goggles and sunglasses are inspired by the colours on Oakley’s Prizm lenses.

Orange represents “the fire that burns inside each and every competitor” while yellow is “for the sun that lights the path of athletes brave enough to pursue their dreams the Company said.

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