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TEAC Launch Retro Audio System Overseas As Oz Dealers Chase Brand

TEAC has used the foundation of its previous preamp series and features from its high-end UD-700 series, to launch a new stereo preamplifier, complete with a built-in DAC and headphone amplifier.

Incorporating TEAC’s proprietary ‘TRDD5’ (TEAC Reference Discrete DAC), the new UD-507 has a DAC similar to their high-end 700 series.

TEAC Brand Manager, Jo Yoshida said, “The most important feature of the UD-507 is the newly designed and manufactured ‘TRDD 5’ discrete D/A converter. The design goal of this in-house developed discrete DAC is to provide a more immersive musical experience for all listeners.”

The device is also a balanced Dual Mono headphone amplifier that features the TEAC-HCLD2 (TEAC High Current Line Driver), revered for its high current supply capability, with the maximum output improved to result in a driving power of 1,200mW and 1,200mW.

The power amplifier has the ability to switch between three positions; light, mid, and high, in order to fine-tune the output to match the sensitivity and impedance of the headphones.

Additionally, the UD-507 incorporates a preamplifier that allows the connection of analogue and digital sources, and outputs (unbalanced and balanced) for connecting the device to an external amplifier or other compatible audio systems.

The preamp features the TEAC-QVCS (Quad Volume Control System), which is a high-precision analogue volume attenuator, as well as the PTEAC-HCLD2 high current line buffer circuit.

The UD-507 also includes additional features such as full-stage dual monaural/balanced circuit configuration, 22.5MHz DSD and 384kHz / 32bit PCM playback as a USB DAC, five digital inputs (USB-B (rear), USB-C (front), Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth) and two analogue inputs (RCA, XLR), a Full MQA decoder, ‘RDOT-NEO’ (Refined Digital Output Technology NEO) up-conversion function, and a Bluetooth receiver.

This combination of a DAC, preamplifier, and headphone amplifier also provides setup flexibility and can be used as a standalone unit, or be integrated into an external system.

When compared with similar products from WiiM and Schiit Sudio, this system reportedly provides more extensive connectivity and digital file compatibility.

The TEAC UD-507 will be available from June for U$2,099.99 (approx. A$3,169) from the official TEAC website and select dealers. These dealers have yet to be revealed. ChannelNews has reached out for Australian pricing and availability.

ChannelNews also recently reported that TEAC Australia, with a history of dodgy executives and questionable business practices, has been placed into administration again.

This is due to a history of being fined for price fixing and jailed CEO and senior executives.

In March 2005, the company was also placed into administration, and sold in 2007 to Singaporean interests. Before this, TEAC Australia faced Federal and State government action.

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