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TCL To Take On Samsung Fold IFA Launch Of New Smartphones

The mid to value end of the Australian smartphone market is facing a major shake up with the entry of TCL Mobile who are set to use IFA to roll out a new range of smartphones according to senior management.

TCL Mobile already dominate the value end of the market with their Alcatel branded devices and the launch of new TCL branded devices is set to see an expansion in the distribution of the devices in Australia which will be stocked by both retailers and carriers.

The battle will kick off at IFA 2019 when the Chinese Company who already own the #3 slot in the Australian market officially launch the TCL models.

Among the new products to be rolled out is the first-ever TCL-branded smartphone fresh updates for their foldable concept devices, and the world premiere of their Project Archery wearable display unit.

“What we have planned for IFA 2019 is an exciting glimpse into the future of TCL Communication – it comprises smartphones, 5G devices and entire new categories including the debut of our Project Archery wearable display,” Stefan Streit, General Manager, Global Marketing at TCL Communication.

In Australia the TCL Mobile business is run by Sam Skontas who has been responsible for the success of both the Alcatel and Blackberry branded smartphones in Australia.

Streit said “As one of the leading display manufacturers in the world, TCL will focus on bringing our multimedia expertise to our mobile products. More importantly, together with our TCL sister companies, we’re going beyond just mobility and looking ahead with a complete end-to-end consumer electronics brand supported by an entire ecosystem of TCL devices.”

The launch of this brand is set to put pressure on both Oppo which is also a Chinese brand and the struggling Huawei brand claim observers.

TCL has been a fixture in the smartphone space over the past few years—especially at IFA where they have often launched new Alcatel and BlackBerry devices. The smartphone that they plan to show off at IFA 2019 steps outside of those two names and will become the first-ever TCL branded smartphone.

One of the new products that is set to draw attention is a brand-new foldable device which is set to go head to head with the new Samsung Fold which is set to be re-released at IFA. Key to this product is a new TCL Butterfly Hinge system, which is said to complement their proprietary Dragon Hinge technology.

As for the wearable display, it seems like TCL is prepping a smart glasses type of product. The statement explains that the Project Archery product will bring a 100-inch cinematic viewing experience to a device that’s about the size of a standard pair of sunglasses.

“We see our new line of TCL mobile products as the hub of our growing portfolio of consumer electronics, creating more engaging experiences for our customers in and out of the home,” Shane Lee, General Manager, Global Product Centre at TCL Communication, said in the statement.

“By continuing to leverage TCL’s vertical integration and product ecosystem, we’re able to focus on innovating and creating a true flagship mobile brand under TCL, while at the same time delivering the accessibility and quality our customers around the world have come to expect from us.”

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