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TCL Slam Dunk Hisense TV Launch

As arch rival Hisense gets set to launch their World Cup TV range in Australia today, TCL is set to take advantage of a surge in demand for basketball with an online marketing campaign using  Giannis Antetokounmpo, the 6-foot, 11-inch tall, 23-year-old USA, NBA All Star, as a brand ambassador.

Antetokounmpo who is well known for his “freakish play” is seen in slow motion dunking a ball in a Hollywood produced clip that highlights the contrast, colour reproduction and speed of a TCL TV which last year was the fastest growing TV brand in the USA.

In contrast Hisense had to resort to using the Sharp name to sell Hisense TV’s in the US market after consumers rejected the Chinese Companies TV’s.

Shortly after Hisense started using the Sharp name,  Sharp accused Hisense of developing inferior TV’s that damaged the Sharp brand.

Court action was followed by a settlement that saw Sharp take back their name.

Hisense was forced to shop for a new name to stick on their TV’s in the US market. They have now cut a deal with Toshiba.

The new TCL video is directed by Hollywood filmmaker Matthew Mishory and shot by Michael Marius Pessah the clip features Antetokounmpo’s trademark dunk filmed in slow motion (1,000 fps) and graded in Dolby Vision.

Designed to promote TCL’s new 6-series which is due in Australia shortly Australians can watch the clever video on YouTube as well as via the Dolby TV Channel which features a collection of free Dolby Vision HDR content.

TCL TV’s are sold at JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman and The Good Guys.

Watch the TCL promo below:

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