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TCL Debuts Sideways Rollable OLED Television To Rival LG

Television and electronics manufacturer TCL has a number of rollable OLED TVs in development, with two prototypes unveiled at the DTC 2020 conference.

The Chinese-owned company took to the stage to unveil two rollable TVs – one which unfolds vertically and another which unfolds horizontally.

A video of the launch shows the TVS being unrolled slowly like a projector across a black box.

TCL has not yet named the prototypes or offered a launch date for the flexible displays.

The only rollable OLED TV display currently on the market is the LG Signature Series OLD TV RX, which unfurls vertically.

The 65-inch LG rollable TV is priced at an estimated AUD$80,000 – it is only available in South Korea right now – and it was debuted at the CES expo last year.

TCL also unveiled rollable concept phones in March this year.

In its concept video, the ‘world’s first rollable’ phone appears to extend and retract the screen sideways at the touch of a button, widening the 6.75-inch screen to a 7.8-inch AMOLED display.

TCL was given the gold award for innovation at CES 2020, so it appears the electronics giant is investing heavily in becoming the market leader in rollable technology.

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