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Taiwan Introduces ‘Economic Espionage’ Law Aimed At Chinese Tech Thieves

Taiwan has introduced harsh new national security laws aimed at punishing Chinese interests intent on poaching personnel and stealing tech industry secrets.

Premier Su Tseng-chang said that officials have discovered Chinese nationals “utilising various methods to lure high-tech talent from Taiwan and steal Taiwanese core technologies.”

Taiwan says these bad actors hide their Chinese interests, and invest in Taiwanese tech companies through third parties, causing “considerable harm to the cyber security, economic interests, industry competitiveness and national security of Taiwan.”

Under the new laws, charges of “economic espionage” and “extraterritorial use of national core technology trade secrets” will be met with prison sentence of 12 and 10 years, respectively.

The laws also require workers at major tech companies, such as semiconductor leader TSMC, to be granted governmental approval before visiting mainland China. Tech companies will also be required to reveal if Chinese companies invest in their company using a proxy.

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