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Vodafone To Unleash New Mobile Plans?

SmartHouse has been told by a company source of the telco’s intentions to overhaul its mobile post-paid plans.

The changes will affect plans with contracted phones, while BYO plans will remain untouched, apparently.

So what will change?

There may ‘possibly be additional call value and data allowance’ on Vodafone post-paid plans, the source indicated.

The telco currently offers a total of eight mobile plans – from $30, $40, $50 to $100.

The news comes just one day after Vodafone changed its Internet data pricing, charging in MB blocks–a move that could push up prices–and are also killing off ‘Infinite’ Facebook and Twitter use for pre-pay users.

So, if our source is correct, then post paid customers may be better off than pre payers, who are now banished from Infinite social networking as of next month.

Vodas drop in data pricing is “largely reflective of the way our customers are using data today” and are a part of its effort to reduce costs as users guzzle data.

The charges to data pricing “allow us to invest in a network that will enable the increased access to voice and data our customers are asking for while remaining competitive.”

Vodafone was also ringing their customers this week, quizzing them over their mobile plans and if they were satisfied with existing allowances, possibly as it prepares to make way for its renewed offering.

On the prepay front, the red telco insists its still has some of the best value plans in the market including its $30 cap (500MB and $450 flexible credit), compared to rival Telstra’s $30 plan, as it fought off criticism of its recent changes.