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CES 2017: Swann Introduces 4K And Thermal-Sensing Security Solutions

Swann have announced a new range of smarter security solutions to be showcased at CES 2017.

Among the line-up of new products are thermal-sensing, 5MP, and 4K security systems, as well as a truly wireless security camera with a three month battery life.

The Swann Smart Security Camera captures full HD video at a wide 120 degree viewing angle, with the high quality 1080p camera able to capture faces, license plates and other important details day and night. After three months of use, the Smart Security Camera’s battery can be easily recharged with a Micro USB cable.

Smart technology ensures the Swann security camera can reliably capture activity with fewer false triggers, and heat-based PIR motion detection technology is able to alert users via the SAFE by Swann app, which can also be used to view a live feed or to playback recorded video and audio.

“Both home owners and business owners are increasingly considering professional surveillance monitoring to deter crime and safeguard their family and property,” said Jeremy Stewart VP Global Marketing at Swann.

Another security solution announced by Swann is the Thermal-Sensing HD Security System, which includes four 1080p thermal sensing motion activated cameras with 20 metres of infrared night vision. The system features PIR state-of-the-art motion sensors to help detect heat-generating objects while reducing false triggers. Up to four additional cameras can be added to the system.


Swann also announced the 4K Ultra HD Security System, providing greater detail that lets users see crucial details even from a long distance. The system features 4 ultra high definition 4K security cameras with IR cut filters that provide powerful night vision up to 30 metres, as well as a weather-resistant rating of IP66 making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Four additional cameras can be added to the eight channel system, and the internal 4TB hard drive can hold over 150 days of footage from eight channels. The SwannView Plus app, available for iOS and Android, allows live viewing and playback on smartphones and tablets.

A Super HD Security System rounds out Swann’s CES lineup, featuring four 5-megapixel cameras that can capture night vision footage at 30 metres. Four additional cameras can also be added to the eight channel system, which features a 2TB hard drive that can record footage from eight cameras for over 80 days. Live viewing and playback is available through the SwannView Plus app.

“Consumers are frequently demanding wireless security solutions and factors such as higher resolution, storage improvements and software enhancements are filtering down into the DIY security space,” Mr Stewart said.

“Our new solutions have taken this into account and are about making security smarter and enabling users to monitor their premises like never before.”

The new line-up of security solution from Swann will be available from February. For more information, visit the Swann Website.

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