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STUDY: OLED TVs Help You Sleep Better, Lose Weight

It seems straight out of science fiction, but a study from researchers at the University of Tsukuba, Japan has shown the benefits of sitting in front of an OLED TV.

The research shows exposure to OLED light sources, as opposed to LED, has less detrimental impact on sleep cycles.

The polychromatic white light that OLED screens give off contains much less blue light, and can help you metabolise during sleep – causing weight loss.

“Polychromatic white LEDs emit a large amount of blue light, which has been linked with many negative health effects, including metabolic health. In contrast, OLEDs emit polychromatic white light that contains less blue light,” the study reads.

“However, the impact of LED and OLED exposure at night has not been compared in terms of changes in energy metabolism during sleep, something the researchers at University of Tsukuba aimed to address.”

They found “energy expenditure and core body temperature during sleep were significantly decreased after OLED exposure, thus, light exposure at night is related to fat oxidation and body temperature during sleep.

“Our findings suggest that specific types of light exposure may influence weight gain, along with other physiological changes.”

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