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iSmart Home: Apple To Unveil Home Automation OS?

iSmart Home: Apple To Unveil Home Automation OS?Apple are about to unveil a smart home software platform, where iPhone would control a home automated system controlling lights, security systems and other household appliances, Financial Times reports.

The strategy is part of a mass technology shift to the ‘internet of things’, where every household device is hooked up with the internet, allowing it be accessed remotely and for devices to ‘talk’ to each other. 
This suggests Apple is moving in a similar direction to rival Samsung, who already have a connected living platform which links its smart appliances, TVs and washing machines to the WiFi network, which can be controlled remotely via Galaxy phone or Tab, called Smart WiFi Control. 
Apple is said to be in talks with device manufacturers to develop ‘made for Apple’ type products, readying various devices to be used with the smart home platform. 
And as Apple Insider pointed out, it has a massive installed user base in iOS device owners across iPhone and iPad. 
It may also open up a huge opportunity for manufacturers to make appliances for an iOS smart home platform. 
Cupertino are tipped to launch the new concept at Apple WWDC developer conference which kicks off on June 2 with a keynote address from CEO Tim Cook. 
Apple are likely to emphasise the privacy protections built into its smart home system, according to the FT report. 
Cupertino has already been dissed by investors over its lack of new product innovations, and this could be one thing to get fickle shareholders rallying. 
Other possible announcements at WWDC 2014 include iOS 8 with Healthbook, OS X 10.10 and Mac mini.