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Spending $2569 On An iPhone 13? You Better Protect It

It’s always baffling the cognitive dissonance between those who will shell out — in the case of the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage — over two-and-a-half thousand dollars on a new phone, and then cheap out on the protective case that shields it from their many clumsy moments.

The new range of Bodyguardz iPhone 13 protectors are very affordable, and have a drop rating from between 8-12 feet, meaning that your phone is safe under most normal circumstances. The PureGuard antimicrobial protection will give you further peace of mind, and the products just feel sturdy.

This isn’t just heavy-duty casing either, the design is sleek, the colour ranges are beautiful, and there are a variety of different cases to suit your needs and wants.

There’s even one that allows the Apple MagSafe charger to be attached to the back without having to remove the case every time you want to charge up.

The Pro Max ECO PRTX ecoplex shatterproof screen protector is also a must, made in an environmentally sound manner, from synthetic glass, and with a lifetime guarantee.

Check out the full range of Bodyguardz protective cases at the company website.

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