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Spacetalk Seeks $1.5 Million

SYDNEY: Who would want a smartphone these days that doesn’t connect to social media, online games or a host of apps like TikTok that snaffle up your data for marketing?

Well, MGM Wireless is hoping a lot of parents will say that is just what they want for their kids‘ first phone.

The product, Spacetalk, is already in Australia and technology communications company MGM Wireless, which distributes it, is trying to raise $1.5 million from Aussie investors to expand the product’s reach.

Spacetalk is not just a single mobile device. There is also a watch version and – like its smartphone cousin – promotes security from online predators for kids.

It comes with an app called MyMoochies, which allows parents to track the device location of a safe zone detector and an SOS alarm.

MGM Wireless says current shareholders in the company can apply for up to $30,000 of new shares at an issue price of 10.75 cents per share.

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