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Sony Working On Wearable Air Conditioners

Sony has struggled to deliver any breakthrough product for years, now the Japanese Company is having a crack at funding a ‘wearable air conditioner’ which could go down well in Australia.

Sony, via its experimental First Flight program, is crowdfunding a wearable “air conditioner” known as the Reon Pocket that users can wear in hot Countries like Auystralia and Europe of late.

The device appears to be welded into the fabric of a T shirt or business shirt. It uses the Peltier effect to lower or raise a person’s body temperature.

The start up claims that could be lowered as much as 5.5 degrees celsius or raised as much as 10 degrees celsius depending upon a person’s needs.

The Japanese-based tech conglomerate has already surpassed its crowdfunding goal of 66 million yen ($606,474) for the Reon Pocket.

Sony posted a video to its YouTube page detailing how it would work.

Starting at US $117, the Reon Pocket can be controlled via an app, but unfortunately, isn’t expected to be available for summer 2019/2020 which has already seen sizzling temperatures in Europe.

The device will be available initally only for Japan.

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